Ballerina’s Equipment

We were very sad to farewell our resident Ballerina Rhiain Fernie, but we wish her all the best as she pursues her career in the US where she is currently undertaking a traineeship with the ballet company “Ballet Magnificat

Before she left us however she shared with us an amazing performance & her tools of the trade.


They are called pointe, have wooden toes, cost $100 per pair & she goes through a new pair every fortnight.


Rhiain usually buys them in bulk & stocks up every 6 months.


_pointe shoe art - every country she has ever danced in

We love this collection above of pointe shoe art she made – a shoe for every country she has ever danced in.


Her favourite one is this blue tutu which is worth about $1000 but she bought it second hand for $600.


It was made by Kate Geldard (former Australian Ballet dancer) – it has amazing detail & embellishment.


This pink tutu is made by tutu maker Ros Terpening. It is made of stretch lycra & was also bought second hand for $200.



Bloch is her favourite store for dance clothing essentials & they have a huge range of leotards in all colours & styles. Our favourite is the Mirella Merrina Sunray. It is super comfy with a feminine yet sexy back.


Rhiain however prefers to get her leotards custom made & design her own.



In our last class she also shared with us an amazing performance of the Spanish ballet Don Quixote where she danced the role of Kitri (Act 3).



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