Misty Copeland

1_538f68a976ab7Misty Copeland is fast becoming a household name.2_600full-misty-copelandShe took her first ballet class when she was 13. 3_0e1dd13bdc0812a0c060e0a3a47c6281After just 3 short months she was en pointe. By the age of 14, Copeland was the winner of a national ballet contest and won her first solo role.4_mistyimage3Since then she has worked steadily to become the only African-American woman soloist in the dance company for the American Ballet Theatre.5_5388a87d7bb7bEarlier this year in March, Copeland’s autobiography Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina was released which led her into an even brighter spotlight. 6_bomdiaThis inspiring story is one I am looking forward to reading. 7_102113-shows-bgr-honorees-misty-copeland-portrait-ballet-press-2Her upbringing had her in court in the middle of custody battles between her mother & ballet teachers (who were acting as her guardians). 8Nowadays Misty has numerous endorsements – the most recent being for Under Armour which reportedly paid her more to model for their campaign than her dance career.9_misty2n-310_Misty_Copeland_Italian_Vogue_0811_4625553336_febc7bcb07_z12_misty_copeland_13_Misty-Copeland-914_misty-815_misty-copeland-116_fi-misty-copeland17_misty-618_1234729_658910467455107_710708630_n19_o-MISTY-COPELAND-UNDER-ARMOUR-facebook20_Misty-Copeland-Workout21_full22_pantene_misty24_235_1misty_composite25_Misty Copeland26_safe_image28 feayred Misty-Copeland-Workout (1)For more info on Misty Copeland check out her website here.247_end_A001_C004_1003TP_001.0000841If you feel inspired to channel your inner ballerina, join us Monday nights for a very special adult beginner ballet workshop with Rhiain Fernie.


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