Hayden Hopkins

1_260552_2082618955137_2516892_nHayden Hopkins having just turned 17, has developed a cult following online. 2_282747_4131452694700_1379885299_nWith more than 13,000 Facebook followers & an overwhelming number of fan pages she is fast becoming a house-hold name. 252171_2051679581672_942667_nShe is incredibly bendy and oh-so talented.4_Holly Medway Photography _hayden (3)Alongside fellow dance superstar friend, 11 year old Sophia Lucia, there are countless, beautiful dance images of her all over the internet.sophia and haydenPeople see pictures of me and think I have this perfect life,” Hayden says. Despite the pretty pictures, though, Hayden hasn’t always had it easy, and the past few years have proven especially difficult.5_250847_2052639845678_298606_nHayden started dancing at the age of 2 in her home state of Washington, US. 6_270131_10200125380567328_2040835163_nShe was a regular in the competition scene early, but by age 13 she decided it wasn’t for her. “I wanted to get away and work on my training,” she says. 7_480528_4479176587580_1195361692_nPlus, things at home were taking a turn for the worse:  family finances became a struggle, especially with Hayden’s sister, Lennox, pursuing a competitive rhythmic gymnastic career. So Hayden, who is home-schooled & lives with her sister & their mum in Puyallup, WA, took her training into her own hands. 8_697ad786b976d5bcddfa16729a2b2868 haydenShe takes classes at local studios when possible (mostly Westlake Dance Center in Seattle), travels with conventions when she’s awarded scholarships & watches YouTube videos in her living room to learn barre & centre-work exercises. 9_250720_2062029560415_1868869_nShe attends 10 to 12 conventions each year independently (including JUMP, NUVO and West Coast Dance Explosion) in an effort to meet as many choreographers as she can. 10_537553_4026992123251_164414242_nThe relentless networking has paid off.  11_1621765_834012849946980_1826833570_nAt WCDE’s Las Vegas Nationals in 2010, Hayden met the owners of an Australian studio. 12_301971_2441937857885_2088877355_nThey had seen her on YouTube first, and offered to fly her to Australia to act as a guest teacher and choreographer. 13_cms_hayden_01_068-WRHayden has since been back for another visit to work with the Perth-based studio & also won the Dance Spirit Cover Model Search competition in 2013. 14_542734_10200104800492839_691085990_nI love meeting people who recognize me from the internet,” she says. “I don’t know why people started to follow me, but hopefully it’s because they see something positive I’m putting out there15_384875_2860386118830_50121752_nThings you didn’t know about Hayden……..Birthday: July 5, 199716_418934_3292430239663_1546586697_nMost-played on her iPod: Lana Del Rey381197_4632426818740_1633001395_nWho would play her in a movie: Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer on “Pretty Little Liars.” “I think she looks like me!

Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio 423215_260261590724447_925640549_nDance goals: “I just want to be the person who’s always travelling. I always want to be in a different state or a different country.” hayden hopkinsFavorite dancers of all time: Stacey Tookey, Nick Lazzarini, Travis Wall and Jason Parsons 541600_539784852711008_395768505_nStrangest thing in her dance bag: “A rotten orange I keep forgetting to take outCMS2013_Hayden_02_125Favorite meal: Spaghetti and garlic bread553469_4059845904575_1554990771_nFavorite movie: Garden State 942515_10201285838487458_419604177_nMust-see TV shows: “Pretty Little Liars” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” “Kourtney’s my favorite.” db3b58aa7ee4637b413c347b36269e50 hayden hopkinsHere is one of her performances from earlier this year… 



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