Dancer of the Week: Toneya Kingham

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This week’s dancer is JUST DANCE teacher Toneya Kingham. Every friday she inspires us at Adult Dance Fitness class to get our groove on & get back into shape.


How old were you when you started to dance? I started dancing when I was 4 years old.

Where did you train?   I attended Sarah’s Dance Academy, Betty Dargie School of Entertainment & studied classical ballet course at Ecole Ballet. I graduated from a performing arts college (Ed5 International) with a diploma in Performing Arts in 2013.

IMG_5352The photo above is from Agent week at Ed5 International, my friend Eden Carroll and I

What styles did you learn? The styles which I have trained in vary from Classical ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, hip-hop, tap, acrobatics, acting and singing.


What does your work entail now? I teach dance and also perform at The Marquee in Sydney on the weekends.

Current favourite dancing song? My favourite song which I love to dance to at the moment is probably Drunk in Love by Beyonce! I love her and all her songs.


How did you get started in dance teaching?  By being a student teacher for Sarah’s Dance Academy about 4 years ago. From there I gained more experience teaching as well as dancing in classes. I have worked in other jobs but nothing makes me more happy than teaching dance – giving back what I have worked so hard for & to pass on my knowledge.

What is most challenging thing about your job? The most challenging thing about being a performer is most likely the auditions and the process you have to go through!!

Any crazy dance costumes you have worn in the past? Well I think that my Marquee dance costumes are pretty crazy. The photo below is from one of the nights which I danced at marquee.


What is most rewarding thing? The most rewarding thing about dance is most the feeling you get when are you performing. After all the hard work learning, rehearsing and refining everything – then to be able to perform in front of a crowd – it’s magical.

What are your dancing goals for the future? My main dance goal is to be a part of the Sydney Dance Company! This is my ultimate dream but also the little things in between including shows are all so rewarding. The journey itself is a goal because it can be difficult at times. I am only just starting out & looking forward to everything that comes my way.


Most embarrassing moment in dance? I was performing at a dance competition when I was about 12 years old. My time to shine was when I was to come on stage and perform this amazing trick, a layout. I had so much momentum and because the floor was quite slippery my underneath foot slipped out and I landed on my back!! I was in shock but quickly got up and ran off stage.

Do you have a favourite style of Dance? My favourite style of dance would most likely be contemporary! But I absolutely love classical ballet, jazz and musical theatre.

_MG_9133FLAT (1)

Any advice for people wanting to get fit & become a better dancer? Have a positive mind frame…watch & research other dancers…stretch!!….always try to improve your posture & technique…relax…. & most importantly – smile.

What do you have in store for Dance Fitness this term at JUST DANCE? My class is 1 hour combining dance & fitness. I want to focus on achieving rhythm, co-ordination & a greater understanding of one’s body. This class will assist in building greater strength, flexibility & overall fitness.

Join us for Toneya’s class.  Fridays 10am at Beecroft Community Centre.  Contact us for more details.

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The photo above is taken backstage at my graduating concert with my friend Nicole Campbell.

2 thoughts on “Dancer of the Week: Toneya Kingham

  1. Hi Toneya my names john i saw your starnow page and your work on Instagram impressed I’m hiring atm and your a potential candidate there’s no email to reach you ? hopefully you get this message with my email and can reply asap cheers

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